2019 Officials Training

Training to be an official: stroke & turn, starter, referees. We need your help. Swim meets require a lot of volunteers from our parents. Please consider taking the time to be qualified as an official.
FREE clinics to certify stroke & turn judges, starters, and referees:

. We need Officials. If you are currently an official and your last training was 2 summers ago, you will need to be recertified.

  • LAL Officials Training is Scheduled!  This will be held at the Hurt & Proffitt Building on Langhorne Rd in the Conference Room.
  • Stroke and Turn Officials Trainings – We need lots of officials to run a smooth swim meet.  If you are interested in becoming certified for Stroke and Turn please plan on attending one of these training dates: April 7, May 18, or June 2.  Training will be from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at Hurt and Profitt.  Stroke and Turn Officials must recertify every 2 years. Please let me know if you have any questions about certifying.
  •  Stroke and Turn Officials must recertify every 2 years. Trey Tanner and/or Terri Proffitt will be the instructors.  Each team must have certified officials in order to run a meet.  Now is the time to bring in new officials as well!  At a bare minimum a hosting team must have a Starter AND Referee AND 4 stroke and turn judges to get through each meet!  The visiting team should provide half of your S&T.  The trainee only needs to attend one date listed below!  I will update the list once the instructors go over your completed test.
The LAL will reimburse two people per team to recertify as stroke & turn judges on strokeandturn.com. This is for recertification only and cannot be used for initial certification. Participants will be required to pay by credit card when using the website and may then forward their receipt to their team rep, who will get reimbursement checks for them from the LAL treasurer. This is on a first-come, first-served basis for each team.