The History of the LAL:

The Lynchburg Aquatic League (LAL) is comprised of eleven swim clubs in the Lynchburg metropolitan Area. The sole purpose of the LAL is to serve the community by providing a fun and competitive environment for summer swimming while fostering the benefits of hard work, sportsmanship, self-discipline, leadership, community spirit, health and fitness.

The governing body of the LAL is comprised of one or two representatives from each of the member clubs and the officers – a Chairperson, a Chairperson-elect, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The officers of the LAL for 2014 are as follows:

Membership in the LAL is open to any eligible team within a twenty-five mile radius of Lynchburg. Swim clubs seeking membership in the LAL must submit a written request to the Chairperson. All swim clubs applying for membership must maintain a minimum of 35 swimmers. To be admitted as a provisional member, the LAL requires approval by two-thirds of the LAL representatives. All newly admitted clubs must serve one provisional year. There are currently eleven teams in the LAL as well as one provisional team.

Each summer, the LAL schedules six dual meets for each team in the League. The meet schedule is determined by each team’s standing in the League at the end of the previous year. Team standings are determined by placement at the A and B championship meets. In addition to the six dual meets, there are also three special meets each summer:  the M&M Relays (open to all 10 & under swimmers), the B Championship meet, and the A Championship meet.

To qualify for the B Meet, a swimmer must have recorded a legal time in a particular event in a dual meet. A swimmer with no more than one “A” time may compete in the B Meet, but cannot swim the event in which he/she has the “A” time. The swimmer is also prohibited from swimming that event in a relay. Any target times received in the B Meet may be used for A Meet qualification.  

To qualify for the A Meet, a swimmer must have received one or more “A” times during the season, either at a dual meet or at the B Meet. One target time qualifies the swimmer to swim only that individual event plus two relays. Two or more target times qualify the swimmer to swim any three individual events plus the relays. A swimmer can also qualify for the A Meet by placing 1st in an event at the B Meet. In addition, a swimmer must have participated in a minimum of two dual meets to qualify for the A Meet.

The championship meets are the culmination of the summer swim season and provide an incentive and reward for those swimmers who work hard and improve their times.

On behalf of the LAL, I would like to wish all of our swimmers good luck at the championship meets this season!  

Susan Davidson


Treasurer, LAL

August 2014