General Info & sign out book

Various notices of Swim Team business and activities will be posted on the Bulletin Board located on the wall under the pavilion. Please check the board regularly. In this same area, you will see our Record Board featuring Hill City’s team and pool records over the years, and the Star Chart highlighting improved times and “A” times achieved during the season.

Notices and Handouts

The Swim Team maintains a “mailbox” for each family which consists of a hanging file folder in a rack located under the pavilion next to the bulletin board. From time to time handouts, ribbons and other team information will be placed in your mailbox. Please advise your children to be sure the notices and other information makes it home.

Sign Out Schedule / Vacation List

As you establish your vacation and other plans for the summer, please indicate the absence of your swimmer(s) for any particular meet in the sign out notebook. It is imperative that this notification be done by the Wednesday preceding the meet on the following Monday. Any failure to do so, may result in disqualification of an event which may be crucial to the meet line-up. Equally as important, your child’s failure to swim in a relay event will cause three other swimmers to be unable to participate in that event. If an emergency arises, or a swimmer becomes ill, please notify the coach as soon as possible.