Gene Graves Award

gene-graves-169x300         The Gene Graves Award

This award is named in honor of the former Hill City swim coach Gene Graves. Coach Graves was the long time coach that believed that being a member of the Hill City Swim Team was not only an opportunity to experience the individual successes that swimming can bring, but also be a part of something bigger than themselves. Being a “Dolphin” meant being a part of a family and the achievements of the team were from every member of the team doing their share to help achieve victory.

The award recognizes the dedicated team member who demonstrates team spirit at practice and at meets. They are a positive role model for other members of the team because of their commitment, a strong work ethic and ability to maintain a positive attitude. Their spirit and commitment contributes to everyone’s overall success and enjoyment of the sport of swimming.

Congratulations to Luke King, recipient of the 2019 Gene Graves Award:

Congratulations to Caleb Rice, recipient of the 2018 Gene Graves Award:

Congratulations to Sutton Schonfelder,  recipient of the 2017 Gene Graves Award:

Congratulations to JT Lotz, recipient of the 2016 Gene Graves Award:


Congratulations to Erika Allen, recipient of the 2015 Gene Graves Award: