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Don’t ever forget to look up.

he Wednesday morning after the Wildwood meet and the storm that night, I asked a swimmer if he had watched the incredible lightning show. He said yes, and I started talking about all the different kinds of lightning there was and he had this look like “what are you talking about”. It wasn’t that I overwhelmed him with my geeky science stuff, but it was because he really didn’t “watch” the lightning, he just knew that it was lightning.

A little later it occurred to me that most of the time we never look up. We never look up to watch something like an amazing lightning storm, we never look up to watch the clouds and dream, we never look up to watch birds soaring overhead, and most importantly, we never look up to appreciate nature and thank God for the beautiful planet we live on

My grandfather, the smartest man I have known, once told me the best hiding place for something is to hang it up in plain sight. He told me that everyone is too busy to look up because we are always concerned with what is on the ground. We are always looking down to see what we are going to step in, trip over, or run into. We never see what is above us, the sky and the stars, and yes, our dreams and goals. This is the heavy part, it is important to set goals and dream of what is possible (or even impossible), and it is important to appreciate everything along the way. I hope you realize that to reach high into the sky will take work, determination, and some sacrifice. My grandfather also said that working hard for something is worth it, because that is what us who we are.

Now how does this all fit into the A Meet or just swimming in general? Tomorrow you will be asked to swim with everything you have and push yourself beyond what you thought was possible (to do the impossible).

I want you to Look Up! You can’t dwell on what might or might not happen, Look Up! If you don’t win the race or if you get touched out, Look Up! If we are behind in the score after the IM’s, Look Up!

If you forget about all the negative stuff that can drag you down, then you will do your best, Look Up!

All we need is for everyone to do their best and we will win, Look Up!

See you at the pool.

Coach Hank


Dear Swimmers and Parents,


Let me see if I can explain this list. I have attached the TOP 16 for the LAL after the B Meet. Please look it over.


Who’s Qualified:

1) In any event where there are 12 or more A times, only swimmers with A times will be invited to swim that event.

2) In events where there are fewer than 12 A times, all swimmers in that event thru 12 place are invited to swim that event, regardless whether it is an A time or not. If they are on this list then they are qualified for next Saturday.

3) If you won an event today at the B Meet then you are automatically qualified for the A Meet.


By my count this what we added today (please check behind me, there are a lot of moving parts here)


New A Time Qualifiers

Julia Allen     25 free

Landon Bivens    50 free, 25 free

Carter Jenkins   50 back


B Meet Champion (automatic qualifier)

Nicholas Kauffman     50 fly

Landyn Parker      100 IM

Cassidy Richardson     50 free

Trevor Rickert    100 fly

Brayden Turner     25 fly, 25 free, 100IM


Top 12 Qualifying

Skyar Schmitt     25 free

Anna Mills     50 free

Ruby Duis    25 back

Lily Schoeneweis     25 back

Abigail Rice     50 free, 100 free, 100 IM

Cassidy Richardson    100 free

Sophie Dodge    100 IM, 100 free

Erika Allen    100 back, 50 brst, 100 IM

Landyn Parker   100 back, 50 brst, 100 brst

Brent Riner    50 free, 50 brst

Nicholas Kauffman   50 free, 50 back, 50 brst, 100 IM

Luke Dyba    100 free

Patrick Crowder    100 free

Connor Champney     50 back, 100 IM

Evan Schonfelder     50 fly

Lucas Ebeling     50 brst

Cameron St. Clair    100 IM

Spencer Blakely     100 back


Please look over carefully the lists above and the attached TOP 16. If you have any questions about whether or not your swimmer(s) is eligible please ask ASAP.

If you won’t be attending the A meet, please let me know ASAP. It is very embarrassing trying to explain to other coaches why the number one seed (lane 3) chose to go on a date with their girl friend and didn’t show up for the meet.



Monday thru Friday

8:00 – 9:00 am     special practice for those that need to leave early (requires clearance by the coach)

8:30 – 10:00 am   11 & Older swimmers qualified for the A Meet

10:00 – 11:00 am     10 & Younger swimmers qualified for the A Meet


No Stroke Clinic this week


Numbers are important (as well as quality). Peakland will have a ton of kids at the A Meet. In order to compete as a team we need as many swimmers at the meet as possible. Make this the best week of practice yet and get ready to swim your best against the best.


Get Ready for the Championship of the World!


See you at the Pool,

Coach Hank


Dear Swimmers and Parents,

Hill City      334            Peakland        381


Actually the score was     HC 336         PK 380     (I found a couple of small mistakes in the scoring)

It was a long, hot night and it really hurt to lose they way we did. Plain and simple we didn’t swim well enough to win the meet and they did. The most disappointing thing to me was the way that we lost. We didn’t “believe that would win”. I know that sounds like a strong statement but I could tell from our body language as the meet went on that we were not ready to take the win.

I can go through the meet and easily find the points to win the meet. We had a winning relay DQ’ed in the first event and then we had two relays lose (one by one hundredth of a second and the other by a tenth) to the end of the meet. That is a total of a 42 point swing in the score.  Plus, there were many races where we lost a place; first to a second, or a second to a third, or a third to a fourth.

Losing at the touch just means that they wanted it just a little bit more. The one thing that I could see was where we lost the belief that we would win in the end, the belief that we win those races. It all started with them announcing the score. The first time they announced the score we were down by 6 points and you could see it start already; the Peakland kids were cheering and jumping around, and the Hill City kids put their heads down. The second time they announced the score they were winning by 8 points; again the Peakland kids were cheering and jumping around, and the Hill City kids heads sank lower. The next time they announced the score, (and they were tricky about it) they announced the score after their loaded 11-12 girls IM and they were ahead by 36; again the Peakland kids jumped even higher and cheered even louder, and the Hill City swimmers’ shoulders began to slump. The part that no one realized by the time we finished the IM’s, we were down by only 3 points. Unfortunately at that point we were done, after we attacked the lane lines in the backstroke events we were down by 65.

Tuesday morning I gave the kids a basketball analogy. The scores that were read, was like us being down by 3 points in the 3rd quarter of a basketball game. If we hit a three, we would be tied. If we scored two baskets in a row we would have the lead.  But it was only the 3rd quarter! The game (or meet) was far from over and anything could happen.

The T-shirts say “the body achieves what the mind believes”. We lost that belief and you could see it. Yes, there were some good swims but we didn’t believe we were going to win those close races. We will have to be better in the B Meet and the A Meet. Both of those will be meets that will go back and forth and come down to the last relay. Make sure you are “all” there at the end the meet.

“It’s not over until the fat lady sings” and I didn’t anybody singing, only Peakland cheering.

See you at the pool.

Coach Hank



Dear Swimmers and Parents,

I need your help.

Please look over the sign–out list at the end of this e-mail.  I’ve been getting e-mails, belated sign-outs, verbal cancellations, the sudden summer vacation, and the “we can be back for the meet if we qualify for it”. We have three meets here at the end of the summer and I don’t want to make a mistake not entering a swimmer that wants to swim, or even worse, counting on someone who won’t be there. So please double check all the sign-out list.


I thought everyone might enjoy this. The following is out of the Peakland Swim Team Handbook



Home of the Peakland Otters!


2014 & 2015 Overall Lynchburg Aquatic League City Champions    


Please notice they already have the 2015 season listed as their championship.


Just in case you wonder how they can say they are champions of the league; this how they calculate their title.


Please check your sign-outs to see if I am correct. I want to give everyone on the team the best chance to get our best overall team title back.


Sign-outs PEAKLAND

Jesse & Jake Lee

Ryan Scheoneweis

Marco Ebeling

Cara Norris

Alyssa Thompson

Justin Wingfield

Olivia Tribley

Abbey McDowell


Sign-outs B MEET

Marco Ebeling

Cara Norris

Sam Stanley

Gavin Satterfield

Sawyer & Wyatt Epps

Jesse & Jake Lee

Lausyn & Landon McBride

Lisa Lotz

Micah & Daniel Zug

Luke Dyba

Lexi May

Justin & Lexy Godsey

Bailey & Cooper Thomas


Sign-outs A MEET

Marco Ebeling

Cara Norris

Sam Stanley


Don’t forget about the pep rally on Sunday.

See you at the pool.


Coach Hank


Dear Swimmers and Parents,


Hill City        422            Wildwood        256


Sorry it took so long to get this meet summary out to you. Every day it seems like there is more “stuff” that takes time away from me sitting down to type out a summary on the computer (and I need a lot of time to type).


First, I would like to say, Really Good Meet!!! I was pleasantly surprised by the number of best times that were swum at Wildwood. When we got to the pool on Monday night all I heard were complaints about how the water was to warm, the blocks were too short, how huge Ben Davidson was, and how we were all going to die from all the storms on peoples cell phone weather apps. Then on Tuesday night the nay-sayers were complaining about how we were going to lose and many swimmers we had to scratch, how it was tough to get up to swim a second night in a row, and how we were all going to die from all the storms on peoples cell phone weather apps. I really didn’t expect much.


The talk I gave before the meet on Tuesday night really summarized how I feel about every meet for every swimmer – it’s an opportunity. Yes, we were without a lot of swimmers, but really it was a chance for others to step up and win the event. And they did!! We had some great swims. Opportunities come by everyday you need to be ready to do your best; be ready to do your best. You don’t want to miss those chances for greatness.


Monday night will be your next chance for greatness, be ready for that opportunity. Be ready to swim your best.


M & M Relays


Last night we had 24 swimmers participate in the annual M&M Relay meet. Not only did everyone have fun, dressing up and swimming relays, but the team brought home the “1st Place Outstanding Team Award” (posted on the bulletin board at the pool). This morning Coach Hayley passed out a ton of candy and toys from the meet.


Meet highlights:

*Riley Stanley having her hotdog stolen by the “golf course” dog.

*Max Schonfelder swimming 25 meters underwater (no breaths).

*Ella Tinsley is the Queen of corckscrew.

*Tee Thornton is the King of corckscrew.

*Justin Wingfield’s feet being too big for the flipper relay.

*Caden Harvey, the master of the noodle.

*Gavin Satterfield’s mysterious disappearance (ask him where he was).

*Sam Stanley almost having his leg ripped off in the coach’s relay and laughing about it after crying about it.

*Phebe Dodge’s first race and still laughing about it.

*Liam King doing a dive off the blocks and not losing anything that he was carrying on the kickboard he was holding (amazing).

*How many swimmers were fighting over the coaches for the last relay.

*And many, many more memorizes.


Please check out the team facebook page. I hear there are some excellent pictures of the meet. (I wouldn’t know since I don’t have facebook, but that’s what people say).


See you at the pool

Coach Hank


First of all, I am one of those people that doesn’t believe in excuses. I learned a long time ago that life doesn’t really grant you excuses. In the working world when your boss wants a report on their desk in the morning, they mean in the morning. The “dog at my homework” excuse doesn’t work; it’s done or it’s not. When it comes to athletics you are either prepared to compete or you are not. If you didn’t put your suit in the bag it isn’t in the bag. If you didn’t bring your goggles then you won’t have your goggles. We had some swimmers that were either coming off sickness, the fact is they couldn’t expected swim their time, and another swimmer who left the meet early because they were throwing up, again the fact is they couldn’t be expected to swim fast. The fact is neither swimmer could have been expected to swim their best in that couldn’t condition try as hard as they may. This is a fact not an excuse. The excuses came from the swimmers that were late again to warm-up or sat for an hour before they got in the water. Or when they warmed up they didn’t work pay attention to the skimmer at the end of lane 3.

No excuses




Dear Swimmers and Parents,


Hill City        333            Boonsboro        164


In my opinion, swimming is one of the most difficult sports to master. There is so much to it, both physically and mentally, and it takes place in a medium that is totally foreign to the human body – water.

Monday night was a real test of both. In that one evening you probably saw the worst conditions that a swimming athlete could endure. First, were the two delays for thunder, we ended up stopping the meet for a total of an hour (that is sitting around time).  After the second delay the air temperature had dropped about 10-15 degrees. We had experienced swimmers sitting around in the rain with only in a wet towel to stay warm. On top of that there were many swimmers that hadn’t eaten anything since the beginning of the warm-up (almost 4 hours of time).

Even with all the physical negatives, I was still disappointed by the overall individual performances from the meet. We only had a handful of best times and there were some DQ’s that should not have happened. I believe that the poor times came from all of the negative mental stuff I heard at the meet.

I think many of you were not PREPARED to swim. That preparation begins in practice each day, showing up on time and focusing on what the coaches are teaching you. It even extends to what you bring to the meet; good snacks, warm-ups that will keep you warm, an umbrella, and extra towels. Preparing also means developing a pre-race routine (examples, are stretching and active movement) that will get your body ready to swim fast before you get into the water to race. Perhaps the biggest problem was that many of you were not prepared to go fast because of the lack of spirit needed to compete. Yes, we were going to win no matter what, just based on numbers. The problem was that no one got excited to swim fast, “getting up to race”. We only have a few meets left to the season and I know some of you have goals; to win the next two meets, to win the B Meet, to win the A Meet, and finish the summer with your fastest times. Physically, there will be no meet/pool that is perfect. We are AWAY for the rest of the summer. But mentally we can be perfect, get your routine down to swim fast, cheer for your team mates, and get excited for every opportunity to swim how much you have improved.


Have a great day and try to make as many practices as possible the next couple of weeks.

John Hencken (1976 Olympic gold medalist) said, “the day of the race is too late to prepare to win.”


See you at the pool and at Sharknado,


Coach Hank


Dear Swimmers and Parents,


Hill City    329            Peakland     382


For those that stayed to the very end of the meet, I know how disappointing it was to hear the final score. The first thing one wanted to say though is how proud I am of each and every one of you. It is always easy to win and be gracious, but when emotions are running high it can be very difficult to lose and show your class. At the post meet cheer, I heard nothing but positives about the way we swam and the effort we put in. The funny thing about LAL meets is that most of the time the winner is a function of who has more swimmers, we were outnumbered and in the end relays we didn’t have enough swimmers left to pull off the upset.

The bottom line is, win or lose, these meets are about learning how to compete, how to race, and how to improve. Many of you had to race for the first time this season in a pressure situation. Some of you rose to the level of that moment and others didn’t. There is one thing that you can always count on in those big moments and that is technique. Technique will always help you win those races. In order to improve from this meet we have improve the starts, turns, touches, and when and where we breath… you should have those techniques down so you don’t have to think about them at the end of race… good technique should be good habits that you have worked on in practice. Last night showed quite a few mistakes that we need to clean up to improve for Round #2 and the championship season (B and A Meets).  Remember, it all starts in practice.


Get Psyched up… We are now road warriors. The next three meets will be away from our pool. We start at Boonsboro this Monday night.



I know that Carrie sent out an email about no practice because of pictures. There has been a slight change. After your pictures tomorrow, we will be getting in the water and working on some special technique points. It will not be a lot of swimming but we will be working on some of the “LITTLE” things in the shallow end. So prepare for the picture (looking beautiful) and then we can prepare to swim even faster.


ONE MORE THING…. A and B Meets, who goes where?


This year, beside the crazy meet schedule, there is a big change in the qualifying for the A meet. Qualifying is still the same if you get “A” times you still qualify for the meet.

  1. One “A” time and you can swim that event only and you still can swim the other events at the B Meet.
  2. Two “A” times and you can no longer swim at the B Meet and you can swim a bonus event, to make three events for the A Meet.
  3. If you have 3 or more “A” times you can swim only three events at the A Meet championship.
  4. If you win an event at the B meet you can swim that event at the A Meet regardless whether it is an A time or not.

Now the big change: For events that don’t have 12 swimmers with “A” times, swimmer’s in the Top 12 in that event (after the B Meet) without “A” times will also be invited to the A Meet. The LAL will not be adjusting times mid season like they have in previous years. This is incentive to attend the B Meet and do well. Attending the B Meet will not only help the team in the B Meet, but will also give many swimmers a chance to qualify for the A Meet and help the team defeat it’s title.

If you still have questions about what meet you child will be swimming at please talk to the coaches.


Below is a website you might be interested in. It talks about some of the values and lessons that come from swimming. Please read to the end of the article, the picture at the end is a local swimmer who competed right here in the LAL. The picture was taken just after she won the 200 IM at YMCA Nationals.


See you at the pool.

Coach Hank


Dear Swimmers and Parents,


Hill City    459            Forest Area    205


The Good: Great Meet! There were quite a few swims that were best times from the previous week. Some good hard work and improvements in technique made it possible. This is the kind of effort we need every week. Keep up the good work and keep improving. The biggest and best meet are right around the corner, we will have to be even faster than we were against FAST.


Now for the Bad: Everyone needs to make a better effort about being on time for warm-ups. There were quite a few people that were late and some that didn’t even get a chance to get into the water before the meet. It is important not only warm-up your muscles before the meet but it is just as important to get used to the pool that is set up for the meet (especially at the away pools). Not only do you need to prepare yourself to do your best, but it is disruptive to everyone in the lane when someone jumps in late. Help the TEAM and be ready to warm-up on time.


Hill City    443            Oakwood    241


I think that was the best first meet I have ever been a part of! When I compared the times from this meet with last year’s season best times, I was amazed by the number of huge time drops. We are starting off much faster than we were last year. Also, the number of DQ’s was very low, most coming in the backstroke from swimmers looking for the wall and rolling over.

Remember this is starting point. Now that we have seen you swim and race, we have a better idea of what some of you need to work on. Swim meets are learning experiences, please make sure you are learning (don’t be a brainless monkey ☺).


The coaching plan and goal:


I wanted to explain briefly what the coaching plan and goal is for the swimmers this summer. The summer season is very short and a lot of things have to be taught along with gaining some endurance and conditioning along the way. When we look at the plan for the season you’ll notice a few things; very heavy early in the summer with teaching the strokes, turns and starts. As the summer goes along the yardage of the practices will continue to build. As far as the meets go it is all about improving. We use the analogy of a staircase and at each step we want to have improved and gotten faster.  The goal is to have the best meets of the season at the end.


A & B Meets

At Peakland

At Wildwood

At Boonsboro





See you at the pool.

Coach Hank


Dear Swimmers and Parents,


Besides filling up your mailboxes with swimming stuff I wanted to try to explain some of the stuff going on from the coach’s point of view.


#1    Practice (Yes, Practice!)

Practice is important. Swimming isn’t natural for human beings. People do not have gills or scales, they do not have webbed feet and hands, and even in the warm water that we this year hypothermia still can set in. I know it is summer and swimming is supposed to be fun, there are vacations and camps planned, and everyone likes to sleep in or hangout with their friends.


Everyone should make their best effort to make as many practices as possible. Because water is really a foreign medium it takes work to get the feel get the conditioning and work on the technique of how to swim fast.


Swimmers exhibit many qualities it is that sets them apart from other student athletes, one of those is punctuality. Although swimming is seen as an individualistic sport, it is the team that makes the individual the best they can be. Swimming involves working together in practice to get faster every day. Every practice starts with a warm-up and it is important that everyone is on time and warms up properly. Remember morning practice starts at 8:30 or 10:00, please there on time. Nothing is more disruptive than swimmers showing up 15 minutes late, some days we almost have to start our warm-up all over again because there are so many people coming in late. Also, when we are warming up for a swim meet we only have 30 minutes to warm-up 100 swimmers. If you are late getting in late you miss out on getting used to the pool.

Warm-up is important whether it is practice or a meet.


#2     Half sheets

Beside all the work that parents do to get ribbons and posting meet results at the pool, the coaches place half sheets in your mail folders with the results from the meet. On the half sheets are the times from the swims along with A time indicators and time improvements. Most important though are the comments that we try to write on them. Hopefully you will look at them and learn from them.



Dear Swimmers and Parents,

It’s hard to believe the summer swim season is over. I wanted to send out one final email to everyone to talk about the meet, the season and swimming in general.

Congratulations to everyone on an awesome season! This season was one for the ages and I don’t think it will be forgotten for many years. Yes, winning always brings a good feeling but the way it was done was the best way possible. To win by performing your best in the biggest moment (in the spotlight) is the mark of a champion.

After the Peakland dual meet, I was very disappointed in the way we performed as a team. Maybe that loss was what we needed because after that everyone focused better on the technique section of practice and that made a big difference in the final two meets. The loss was a good reset for everyone (I really hate to say that). My grandfather always said, “Successful people always learn from their mistakes”. That was exactly what happened and “success” came to us.

The last two meets were incredible, as the “B” Meet swimmers started the wave of best time swims to finish the summer. The swimmers at the “B” Meet had a 68% best time rate in their meet. The swimmers at the “A” Meet beat that with an impressive 70% best time rate. You consider all the factors that can influence all the athletes and all their swims; water temperature, band camp, sun shine, lack of sleep, sore from starting a fall sport and on and on. To have a team at 70% performance best is awesome!!! Way to finish the season.

Recruiting (We need more swimmers)

I encourage everyone to do their best to prepare for next summer. It sounds like a long way away but the year will go fast. The best thing for swimming is to swim. If you can swim high school, LY or Gators over the winter that will help you next summer. Even if it is only for part of the winter, swimming for 3 months will help you next summer. If you can’t be involved in swimming then I encourage you to stay “athletic” throughout the winter, participate in other sports like basketball, track, lacrosse, soccer, or anything that will make you move. The better the athlete (and conditioning) the better swimmer you will be.

We also need more swimmers!! We need to build our numbers. The best recruiter that we have is you, we need your friends to join… tell them how much fun swimming is and how you love to get up every morning for practiceJ From what I understand there is no longer a waiting list at Hill City to join the pool. You can tell other families that have wanted to join the pool that we now have room for everyone.

10 Reasons to swim Hill City   

1.    The Olympic Team was already filled

2.    Green hair is stylish

3.    Chlorine is addictive

4.    Hank’s smile

5.    To burn daylight

6.    Too clumsy for land sports

7.    What else would you be doing on Monday nights

8.    Love to do 8 stroke cycles per length

9.    Dolphins are majestic

10.  Hill City is my summer home address


I hope everyone has a great school year. See next summer at the pool.

Coach Hank



LAL Swimming Results

Final Scores and Standings

1 Hill City                    551

2 Peakland                 486.5

3 Wildwood                288

4 Oakwood                174

5 Forest Area            171

6 Boonsboro                121

7 Rainbow Forest        75

8 Vista Acres                73

9 Falling River                43.5

10 Farmington                25

11 Bedford Y                 14

12 Winton CC                1

LAL Meet Records


13-14 G 50 Breast          HC        Tara Enneking (old record: Rachel Ritchie PK 2001)

15 & Ov G 50 Back        HC        Alyssa Reed (old record: Alyssa Reed HC 2013)

15 & Ov G 100 fly          RF        Ashley Mauzy (old record: Amber Wingfield WW 2011)

11-12 B 50 Back            OW       Colby Childress (old record: Reid Madden BB 1998)


Hill City Team Records


13-14 G 50 Breast          Tara Enneking   (old record: Lexi Plogger  2014)

15-18 G 100 IM              Alyssa Reed     (old record: Alyssa Reed 2013)

13-14 B 50 Breast          Sutton Schonfelder       (old record: Collin Conrad 2004)

13-14 B 50 fly                Steven Mills      (old record: Kip Abbott 2000)

13-14 B 100 fly              Steven Mills      (old record: Carter Watson 2007)                                                                                           13-14 200 M. R.             Brian Grimmett, Sutton Schonfelder, Steven Mills, Landon McBride                                                                                                           (old record: A.Stoudt, A.Bultema, G.King, D.Booth 1988)                                                                            13-14 200 F. R.              Landon McBride, Sutton Schonfelder, Caleb Rice, Steven Mills                                                                                                                  (old record: same 2014)





Hill City Pool Records


13-14 G 50 Breast          HC        Tara Enneking (old record: Tara Enneking HC 2014)

15 & Ov G 100 Free       RF        Ashley Mauzy (old record: Ainsley Reed HC 2013)

15 & Ov G 50 fly           RF        Ashley Mauzy (old record: Alyssa Reed HC 2014)

15 & Ov G 100 IM          HC        Alyssa Reed (old record: Alyssa Reed HC 2014)

15 & Ov G 100 fly          RF        Ashley Mauzy (old record: Alyssa Reed HC 2014)

11-12 B 50 Back            OW       Colby Childress (old record: Steven Mills HC 2012)
13-14 B 100 fly              HC        Steven Mills (old record: Logan White HC 2010)

13-14 200 M. R.             HC        Brian Grimmett, Sutton Schonfelder, Steven Mills, Landon McBride

(old record: B.Mays, B.Long, A. Connell, J.Coleman 1979)

13-14 200 F. R. HC        Landon McBride, Sutton Schonfelder, Caleb Rice, Steven Mills

(old record: same 2014)

Triple event winners for the meet

HC        Steven Mills, Alyssa Reed, Sutton Schonfelder, Cameron St. Clair, Tara Enneking

RF        Ashley Mauzy

PK        Bricesen Burton, Joy Huyett

WW      Garrett Pendleton

FAST    JC Gordon

OW       Mary Elizabeth Kennedy

FM       Megan Montgomery


* This is the 4th A Meet Championship in a row for the HIll City Swim Team and their 6th title over the last 7 years.



AUGUST 1, 2014


Dear Swimmers and Parents,

Our warm-up will start at 7:10 am tomorrow morning. Please make sure you are at Hill City by 6:50 am. We will have tents on the lower tennis court for you to set up camp. If anyone has an extra EZ up tent they could bring it would be much appreciated. I recommend doing the warm-up  and then having breakfast afterward. The meet will begin at 9:00 am and should finish after 1:30 pm.

I don’t know what the weather will bring tomorrow, so please be ready for anything. Swimmers swim no matter what the weather is; rain, shine and even snow. Bring plenty of warm, dry clothing and towels. To sit in, I would recommend camp chairs and not blankets, the ground will be wet. Always keep your feet warm; shoes, boots, or slippers will make a difference by keeping your body warm.

“If that is what you think, then that is all you’ll ever be.”    Centari ot “The Last Starfighter”

Think like a champion, and swim like a champion.

See you at the pool.


Coach Hank



JUNE 19, 2014

Hill City          427                 FAST               245

Excellent meet! We had some great time improvements from the first week to the second. Rachel Cash had the biggest time drop of the evening, losing 18.6 seconds in the 50 free. Sawyer Epps was almost as good, dropping 18.4 seconds in his 50 free. And these were just two of the many big drops to name a few. Remember, time drops are improvement. The bigger those negative numbers the better.

What I saw was hard work all week and swimmer’s figuring out how to get faster… keep it up. The next two meets, the level of competition will be a little tougher. Both Oakwood and Boonsboro have some very fast swimmers (just check the LAL top 20) that will push you to be your best. To race them you will have to continue to work hard and perfect your strokes, turns and races. Make the most of the opportunity to race fast.

Now for the bad part of the meet and it can be summed up in one word, BACKSTROKE!!!! We had 20 DQ’s in the whole meet, again much better than the first meet. The only problem was that 12 of those DQ’s had something to do with backstroke; finishes that we rolled over on before touching the wall and back flip turns. Even though it isn’t a DQ, I can’t tell how many swimmers ran into the lane lines, there were quite a few swimmers with red marks on their shoulders walking around after the backstrokes. It’s not a DQ but it really slows you down swimming into the lane line. Everyone needs to work on their stroke count and finishes, and staying in the middle of the lane. We can’t afford to lose points on something that is as easy as counting to fix.



After the meet on Monday night, we did a “team cheer” for the FAST team. Just a quick explanation, it is something that I like to do because I believe you should always show respect to your opponent. Without good competition, there would not be anyone to push you to do your best. It is always easier to swim your best time when someone is there pushing you to do your best. Win or lose, you should be a good sport and show that respect.We will see you at the pool. Keep up the good work, learn those stroke counts and get ready to race.


See you at the pool

Coach Hank


Dear Swimmers and Parents, 

 Just a quick reminder about practice tomorrow. We are now officially on our summer schedule which means that practice will be from 8:30 – 10:00 am for the 11 and older swimmers and from 10:00 – 11:00 am for the 10 and younger swimmers. 

For the rest of summer we will be Monday through Saturday, 8:30 – 10:00 am and 10:00 – 11:00 am. 

Stroke clinic will start this week. They will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. 

Clinic next week will be Tuesday – freestyle with starts and turns, and Thursday – backstroke with starts and turns. We will be reviewing what we need to work on from Monday night’s meet. 

 Some of you will still have school on Monday (sorry), our teams warm-up will be at 5:00 pm. So please try to be their by 4:45 pm. 

After the meet Monday night, Wildwood is planning to go to Mr. Goodies. So you won’t have to wait until midnight to get ice cream, we have arranged to have the Frosty Penguin stay open (located directly across from Mr. Goodies in front of Subway). 


I will try to have the entries done tomorrow and sent out in the afternoon. 


See you at the pool. 

Coach Hank  



Two main reasons for this email. First, I am following up on one that you may have received this morning from Karen Gehl about volunteering for the B-Meet. Every team that participates is expected to turn in a list of workers and the list is usually reflective of the size of the team. So, as one of the larger teams, it stands to reason that we will be expected to have a fairly good number of workers present at the meet. As a volunteer herself, Karen has done a great job putting together all of the workers for the various meets this season and she will be working hard to get the list together for tomorrow and then, start working on the list for the A Meet. Please help her by either emailing her,, or calling her, (H)525-5506, so that she doesn’t have to contact you. She needs timers, Stroke & Turn Judges, Place Judges, Runners, Clerk of Course, Ribbons, Hospitality – with timers only working 1/3 of the meet and everyone else working 1/2. If you work 1/2 the meet, you are fed. Of course, if you sign up for S&T, you must be certified. Be aware, that if we do not get enough names turned in by Wed, we will continue to look for workers to get those slots filled before Saturday and if we see people sitting around on Saturday and there is a call for workers, you will probably be asked to work. So, why not just volunteer and get it done – it does make the day go by faster!!

Second, I have attached the Shout Out sheet for the A meet as they are selling to everyone and the heat sheet will be in color. Our swim team will have an ad in the heat sheet but any parent is welcome to purchase their own if they would like to.

Stay tuned for some last words in the days ahead but please contact Karen if your child is swimming the B Meet. Thanks,


HCST Board

Friday 7/19/13

Dear swimmers and Parents,

The end is almost near….

First, I want to congratulate the swimmers who had a chance to participate in the M&M Relay meet. It looks like everyone had fun swimming this evening and hopefully you didn’t eat all your candy yet. I have written names on the awards and they will be put in the folders this morning. One record was set at the meet this evening and that was the record time that it was completed in. Just over 1 hour.

Now comes the crazy part of the season. In order for me to make all the meet deadlines I need to have all the sign-outs done for the last three meets as early as possible. The deadline for the B and A meets is really this coming Tuesday, July 23rd. I need your sign-outs this weekend, so I can work on getting the meets lined up.


Yes, everybody in the area knows the regular season championship is down to Hill City and Peakland. People this evening were saying that as soon as their meet was over, that they would be coming over to Hill City to watch our meet. I have some numbers for you; we have 103 swimmers on our roster and they have 197. That means they are almost twice as big us, for every swimmer that we have they have two; they have two Max Schonfelders, they have two Tara Ennekings and they have two Logan Whites. What that means though is that every swimmer we have is twice as important to our team, every swim that we will race on Monday night is twice as important. This is what I have waiting for all season, to see what you will do when it really means something. 

Here are the sign-outs that I have for the Peakland meet.    

Sara Gehl

Jesse & Jake Lee

Lani Jonzen

Luke Dyba

Emily Daniel

Sam & William Gillespie

Jessie Blanks

TJ Smith

Blake Schmitt

Oops, I misspoke. Now they do have over twice as many swimmers as we do.

“B” Meet

The past two seasons we have been in the hunt for the “B” Meet championship (finishing second). This was accomplished because we had good participation in the meet and everyone swam awesome. This is a meet that lets people shine. The year-round swimmers and the person that has 6 “A” times aren’t in this meet. It allows the newer or just aged up swimmer, and the swimmer that has been close to getting “A” times a chance to score and lead the team. I hope everyone that is qualified for the meet chooses to attend, it is a great way to finish the summer season.  

This morning at practice we will be coming around to the swimmers to talk about their events for the meet.

A few rules for entering the “B” Meet.

Swimmers must have a legal time in each event they are swimming at the “B” Meet.

If a swimmer has one “A” time they can swim in the “B” Meet, but they can’t swim their “A” event.

If a swimmer has two or more “A” times they can not swim in the “B” Meet.

“A” Meet

Need I say more… “The Championship of the World”.



See you at the pool or using the old YMCA motto …. “Everybody Swims, Everybody Wins”


Coach Hank 

Thursday, July 18th


I was listening to ESPN radio this evening and they were doing their annual auctions for the Jimmy V Foundation, to raise money to fight cancer. For those of you that don’t know who Jimmy Valvano was, he was the head basketball coach at NC State when they upset the heavily favored University of Houston to win the NCAA title in 1983. Besides winning the title, his claim to fame was his energy and attitude when it came to motivating young men to go beyond their limits and become successes in this world. One the most stirring and inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard, was the one he gave at the ESPY’s a few weeks before he died. It was the famous “Never give up..” speech and after he gave that speech he had to be helped to his seat because he was so weak from cancer.  The reason I bring this up is tonight they had an interview with Marty Smith of NASCAR and he grew up in North Carolina when Jimmy V’s team won the NCAA title. He said something about Jimmy V and what he brought not only to North Carolina during those days, but nationally when he gave that speech.  He said Jimmy V was one of the most passionate people he had ever meant, he inspired the people around him to do great things. He said there are millions of athletically gifted people out there, but only a relative few make it to the “big leagues”, the Olympics or set a World Record. There are millions of people that could run corporations, go to the moon or make a discovery that will save lives; but there are a relative few people that achieve it. Marty Smith’s observation was that the people that succeed in life had what Jimmy V did; the passion to succeed, the passion to win. From all my years on the deck and around athletes, from all the people I have meant, I believe this to be true. The people that are successful (not only in swimming) are the ones that have a passion in their lives. Passion does win, they do more and they succeed at it.

Just some midnight ramblings I wanted to share.

See you on the deck.

Coach Hank 

SATURDAY 6/22/2013

Hello Swimmer families!Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to the pool today for pictures. In watching the group picture come together, I can just tell that it is going to be GREAT!! And, yes, we realize that it was a little confusing for the individuals, but with a group of our size, we feel that it went pretty well. Now, if you missed today, there will be a make-up day in July. In addition to the pictures that the Schonfelders took today – THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Jason takes the pictures at the meets and has sent the link to the pictures he took last Monday night at Wildwood. You can only access these pictures thru the link in this email. Parents: you can download, print, copy any photos you want…you as the parents own the photos. Every week, you will receive a new link to the most recent set of pictures. If anyone has any difficulties accessing the photos or has questions for Jason, please contact him: and he’ll be glad to help. Please be aware that Jason is doing this for the team as a volunteer, out of the total goodness of his heart and he is making every effort to capture every child on the team. He wants parents to know that he is open to comments or suggestions – the board would make the suggestion that these be offered in a positive manner!

Megan Corbett would like to remind everyone that this is the last week for Butterbraid orders. Your entire order or your families $40 donation is due to her (or in her folder) by next Monday morning. And once again, for every 12 Butterbraids sold, your swimmer will receive that $5 gift card, so keep selling! Speaking of fundraising, the End-of-the-Season Raffle will be here before you know it. As most of you know, we raffle off a wonderful assortment of prizes for your enjoyment as well as a Hill City membership which we hope to have again this year. What many of you probably know is that we get those items donated from wherever we can. If there is anyone on the team who has a business that would like to donate items for the team raffle, we would love to have the opportunity to advertise your business for you on that evening. If you have contacts and can use them to procure items for the raffle, that would be wonderful as well – we would more than welcome your help!! We also accept home-baked goods of any kind!

Thank you for signing up this week for the meet workers – next week’s sheet will be up Tuesday morning and as our first Home Meet, there will be a few extra jobs to fill so don’t be shy!! And if you are not working, please be a part of the cheering squad to keep the team motivated! Also, you will find the sign-up sheet for next week’s breakfast on the bulleting board.

The social after the meet this week finds the team going to the Dairy Queen on Old Forest Rd. This is always a fun night (but aren’t they all when the team is involved?)!! Also, due to low participation, the trip to Emerald Point has been cancelled. The sign-up sheet has been removed; however if an additional 15-20 send me notice that they would like to go, we can still have the trip for Tuesday. However, if the trip is cancelled, you can bet the Coach Hank will be having practice!!

In addition, as our meets our typically “family events” and full of all ages, we need to keep the atmosphere “family friendly!” It was brought to our attention that there have been some PDA’s (Personal Displays of Affections) that may not have been appropriate for all eyes to witness. That being said, please try to keep the PDA’s for date night and swimming for the meets and practice!

 And finally, if you know of anyone that is still not receiving emails or texts, please have them put themselves on the texting tree thru the website and contact me to find out why their email is not getting thru!

 Thank you and see you on deck,

Christine & the Hill City Swim Team Board

WEDNESDAY 6/19/2013

Dear Swim Team:

Just wanted to remind everyone that next Tuesday, June 25 is the team’s planned trip to Emerald Point. If you wish to go, please sign up at the pool and either give Allyson your payment or put it in her folder so that we can make the right arrangements. We will leave the sign-up sheet available until Monday morning at practice.

A child’s Hill City sweatshirt was left at Wildwood Monday evening after the meet. Please see Amy Enneking if you believe that you left it. In addition, the sign-up sheet for next week’s meet is already up – we realize that many of you have signed up for a job, but there are still many jobs that need to be filled. And there are many jobs that even new parents to the team can fill. Many hands make light work and the meet does go much faster. We all enjoy seeing our child swim so please don’t think that the person you see working the entire meet is doing so because they want to; usually it is because the job is open and no one else has offered to fill it. So, think about it, offer to be a timer, a runner, the person who hands out ribbons, hospitality helper, 10 & Under parent/helper, the list is endless.

See you on deck,


SUNDAY 6/16/2013

This coming Saturday, June 22, is going to be Picture Day! Once again the Schonfelders are offering their services and for that we Thank them very much. You will find an order form in your folder this week.  I know that this is different from past years, but we are trying not to take away from our practice times as so many have been rained out! So, the Group picture is 9:00. Everyone who wants (which is everyone not on vacation), needs to be at the pool next Saturday for 9:00 am! Then, once that is over, anyone who wants an individual picture can have one made and finally there will be a fun practice afterwards with the time left before the pool opens for anyone left. Prices are the same as last year. All families will receive, FREE, one 5×7 or 8×10 (their choice) of the group photo. Then, each swimmer, will receive, FREE, one 4×6 or 5×7 of himself or herself. Additional photos are available per the order sheet for a very nominal charge. Please be aware that we realize that this will not suit everyone’s schedule but we have to work around many schedules to arrange our activities and if you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to myself or one of the other board members, not a coach or the Schonfelders. Thank you for that consideration.

Onto the fundraiser: as we are halfway through June and only have 2 more weeks to collect Butterbraid money and orders, if you need another order form please look in the Fundraising folder. If you decide not to partake in the Fundraiser, each FAMILY(not swimmer) will be required to pay a $40 fee. Remember, all orders and money are due to Megan Corbett (in person or in her folder) no later than July 1 – Early is always ok! Lastly, remember that for every 12 Butterbraids sold, your swim team member will earn a $5 gift card to Mr. Goodies or Sweet Frog!! Good Luck!